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Wa-Taiko Player IKKI HINO
The leader of TAIKOSHU IKKI”, IKKI HINO met Japanese drum, WATAIKO when he joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces. In 2002, IKKI HINO formed a Japanese drum performing group named "TAIKOSHU IKKI".
Overseas activities of "TAIKOSHU IKKI" has been very active. We have visited and performed more than 100 cities in 16 countries. We succeeded our Ukrainian nationwide tour which was done by Japanese artists for the first time. We have three times Taiwan tour, participated in the Korea Festival for the fifth consecutive year, and were invited to Japan Festa in the UK. We have also participated in the world's biggest art festival "Edinburgh Festival". In world famous festival, we took 4 stars ratings twice and received high praise from the local media that IKKI is a completed percussionist beyond traditional frame.
Across the industries, IKKI HINO has been entering actively into the musical or theatrical fields. He performed as a WATAIKO drummer at the highly popular theater, "Sharakukou" starring Shinichi Tsutsumi, musical, "Endless Shock" starring Koichi Domoto.
IKKI HINO has energetically taught performing Japanese drums. He is a WATAIKO technical lesson teacher of SDR's "Super Express", Johnny's World, Waseda University and others. Additionally he himself owns many classes named "IKKI TAIKODO" all over Japan.

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